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Scotch Eraser Pads Keep My Walls Boat Clean!

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I purchased the Scotch brand eraser pads after trying and loving the Mr. Clean Eraser. The Scotch brand is considerably cheaper than Mr. Clean price wise. However, the quality and effectiveness is equally good, if not better.

I can tell you both products do exactly what they say they will do. However, Mr. Clean Eraser pads seem to have some additive, they foam after you wet them. Scotch Eraser pads do not foam but they work. Take a look at the job they did around the light switch in my teen daughter‘s room. Note here: I try to stay out of her cave, it should be condemned, but I had to find a good spot for illustration.

The Scotch Eraser pad cleaned the spot extremely well. I did not have to use anything but the pad wet down with plain water.

We have been using eraser pads since they were first introduced. My husband wanted to try the pads on our Aquasport, our boat. The gel coat was loaded down with oxidation and we thought sure the coat would have to be re-done, a very expensive endeavor. The Scotch brand eraser pads removed the oxidation!

Just to note: Both Scotch and Mr. Clean warn not to use these products on finishes such as this. However, we felt the age of the boat and oxidation that covered the gel coat warranted giving the pads a try.

On a side-by-side comparison of both pads on the gel coat, the Scotch pads performed and lasted much better. The Mr. Clean Eraser pads crumbled, required much more elbow grease, and left a residue. The Scotch Eraser pads lasted much longer, seemed to clean better, and did not leave a residue.

I would not use these eraser pads on a new boat or gel coat. However, using the Scotch pads to get rid of the oxidation saved us a “boat-load” of money and really improved the boat‘s appearance.

We have been using Scotch brand eraser pads exclusively since our boat experiment. For household use, I feel the Scotch pads are more re-useable. For the money, Scotch has my vote.