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Scotch Laser Lens Cleaner Simple, But Leaves Questions

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The CD player in my car has been skipping a lot lately, but sporadically, so I thought it was probably dirt causing the problem. I thought this cleaner would be a fast and inexpensive way to find out it that was what was wrong. But, it did not correct the problem. Now I don’t know if I used it wrong or if the CD player is really shot.

I even got this cleaner disk on sale, so only paid $5.99 for it instead of the regular $6.99. Of course, not until I got it home did I discover that in small print it says “not recommended for use in compact equipment such as automotive systems or gaming stations.”

In fact, I didn’t see that until after I had tried to use it. You just pop it in the player and it starts playing like any CD. On track 1 there are some tips about care of a CD player and then it tells you to switch to track 3 for an Express Cleaning. You are not supposed to play track 2 (I think). The Express Cleaning lasts for 45 seconds, I think. The voice says after about 10 seconds that the cleaning is done. But then he continues to talk for the 45 seconds. I have no idea how to get a “regular” cleaning. Is that if you wait for him to finish talking?

The disk is supposed to be good for 100 uses. The cleaning is accomplished by means of some small “brushes” which stick out from the face of the CD. Do not touch these. Also, be sure to store the disk in the provided jewel case so the brushes don’t get damaged. You are supposed to replace it when the brushes become worn.

Track 2 is blank because I think that is the one that is “used up” in the cleanings.

Track 4 is a stereo speaker balance test. This is only for troubleshooting... you must find the balance control tools if it needs adjusting. This goes on for 6 minutes. I guess this would be useful if the balance actually was off.

Track 5 has troubleshooting hints which only last 45 seconds. It really just says that if the cleaner disk didn’t work then you have other problems, and suggests other 3M products, or that you may need repairs.

Track 6 is an ad for 3M products.

At any rate, this did not solve my problems. I realize that this might not be the fault of the product... it just means that I have other problems. But I was left with questions. The cleaning seemed so fast... just a very few seconds... that I wasn’t sure it had actually worked. I wanted a real cleaning, not an express cleaning. So I played track 2 for a few minutes, even though it said that it was intentionally left blank. When I looked at the CD, it looked like that track was scored... like I might have “used up” some of the total cleaning time.

I was so sure that my problem was caused by dirt that I couldn’t believe this didn’t solve it. Of course, then I saw that it wasn’t recommended for car audio systems.

It does work for regular CD, CD-rom, or DVD players. I’ll continue to use it to clean other players. It can’t hurt, and I already bought it. I just wish I was sure that I did it right.

There is a 6-month satisfaction money-back guarantee with proof of purchase. I’m not sure if I’ll use this, since I can clean other players with it.