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Scrabble 60th Anniversary Edition By Hasbro

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Scrabble is a viable alternative to video games. It's fun, engaging and competitive. I didn't realize its been around for sixty years. Thats an eternity!

Scrabble is a game that could be played by two to four people. It somes with letter tiles of varying points. It also comes with a 15 x 15 grid board containing squares of varying point bonuses.The game is played crossword style in which the allowable words are in the official scrabble dictionary.The letter tiles are placed in an opaque bag and each player has a rack that could hold up to seven tiles.

The objective of the game is to outscore the opponent. A good way to achieve this is through using the bonus squares found on the board such as the double letter, triple letter, double word and triple word tiles. You could also get mucho points by using up all your seven tiles so you score a "bingo." A bingo is awarded 50 bonus points.

I personally play the game with family and friends. I also play the online version and the pc version as well. It helps me improve myvocabulary as well as exercise my mind.