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Scrabble: Great Game Or Greatest Game

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By pillowpants on
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Scrabble is a game I love so much. Whether it be with a friend or a family member, there is always fun to be had in scrabble. While I play, I love to reorganize my letters over and over again after I make a word I know I am going to use with the hopes that I'll come across some off the wall word that nobody would have thought of had it not been right in front of me.

Sometimes, I also like to spend the other players term looking through a dictionary for all sorts of random words, especially when I end up with odd letters like Q, Z, J, or X.

It is a relatively straight forward game that comes in different skins, where you try to score the most points. If you use all your letters at once, you get a 35 point bonus, and there are lots of bonuess throughout the game as well.

Scrabble is a game that has no faults, and benefits those with a large vocabulary.