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Scrabble Up

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Steven Rupp By Steven Rupp on
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My family and I love board games. My personal favorite is "Scrabble". Not only is it alot of fun to play, I also feel that it helps my kid's vocabulary by teaching them new words.

Recently, while browsing on Amazon.com, I found a different version of this classic called "Scrabble UP". All of the ones available were used, which should have told me something right there (like it must not be in production anymore, meaning it probably wasn't very popular). Nevertheless, I just had to have it, so I paid the $12.98.

The first thing I noticed was that it bore no resemblence to the original. The game board stands up at a very steep angle. There are 19 squares on each side, both in a single vertical row. Running down the middle is a winding track, which a marble rolls down, as a fancy 7-second timer.

Only 2 players can play at a time (ages 8 and up). Each player starts with 6 letter tiles. As the marble rolls down, you have to quickly shout out a word that can be made. I won't go into all of the rules. Suffice it to say it's nothing like the classic Scrabble, or even a fun or interesting variation.

Each round only lasts a minute or two. There isn't much skill involved, or knowledge of words needed - just a quick eye.

This game is going in our next garage sale, as I have no interest in playing it again. I would recommend that everyone stick to the classic original Scrabble.