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Screw In Tire New Tires!

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Imagine my panic when a little buzzer goes off in my car and a weird light comes on in my dash WHILE I am driving to work. What does a girl do? She whips out the manual when she's at a red light to figure out why her car is screaming at her. Imagine my bigger panic when I read that it was the "tire pressure sensor warning" that has just gone off and that I should pull over immediatly. Pull over immediatly? I'm on my way in to work! So I risked it and made it in to work just fine. When I got out of my car I looked at my tires and none of them seemed drastically low, one looked slightly low but not DANGEROUS as my manual tried to imply.

Well a couple days later I took my dog outside and looked at my car and sure enough one of my back tires was almost flat ( hadn't driven my car in about a day and a half.) That would be the culprit! I am so not a car person, and I knew my Dad was going to be in town in a couple days so I just waited for him to come to the rescue.

We ended up taking my car to Tire Kingdom and found out that the tire had a screw in it and the tire itself was already too worn down to be patched so they suggested new tires. It would have been very impractical to get just one new tire so we got two. Luckily I had enough money left over from last paycheck to do so. In a couple weeks I am going to go back and get the other two as the older tires I have left on my car are due for new ones as well.

The tires that I got are by Yokohama. According to the tire people and my Dad they are very good tires to have on a vehicle. The model I got was Avid TRZ. The tires were only about $100 a piece which I didn't think was bad. They also came with a 80, 000 mile warranty, so they must be good tires to last that long! These tires are also supposed to drive excellent in wet and dry weathers, and also minimal road noise.

From driving on them for the past week they drive very smooth and I hardly hear any road noise which is great. I know my car will drive even better once I get the other two on. If you are looking for new tires, I would definitely check out the Yokohamas!