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Screwdriver By Good Old Stanley Tools Of Course!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I want to do this review on boring old screwdrivers, the quality ones made by Stanley. This Company has been making tools for quite a while, 1943 actually, so they should know what they are doing by now. In these days of disposable everything, I just want to make a case for quality tools, especially the ones from Stanley. The cheaper a screwdriver is, the less quality the materials, and also the finish. Another problem is of course that the tip wears out very quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes. This means that the driver is more likely to slip out of the screw and stab you. Together with the increased chance of your hand slipping on the cheap handle, there is a greater risk of injury.

I also must point out that there is also more chance of damaging the surface of the product you are working on. These are only a few problems that ensue when you use inferior tools. That is fine you may say, I can live with those snags as long as the tools are dirt cheap. BUT, just you wait until you need to REMOVE screws, then you are in for a right load of hassle, the screw heads will be harder than the driver, which will be churned up, and become useless very quickly indeed.

When using a screwdriver as a lever, the blade has to be strong enough, or it will bend, again increasing the chance of injury. It also means that the job you were doing is left unfinished.

The address of the headquarters, and also the factory, is here:-

Stanley UK Holding Ltd

Europa View

Sheffield Business Park


S9 1 XH

As you can see, these tools are made in Sheffield, one of the best places to find quality steel. In fact, there is even a town in Japan, which was renamed SHEFFIELD, just so they could stamp on their products "Made in Sheffield".

Buying cheap tools, is economical, until you realise they will need replacing very shortly. It is also very bad for the environment, because they will have been manufactured creating lots of pollution, using inferior materials. These are brought from different Countries, then the finished product wrapped in copious amounts of packaging, is shipped half way around the World, only to be used and thrown into a Landfill site.

I just wanted to put the record straight, and perhaps make you think for a moment, before you go buying inferior tools.