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Scrub A Dub Friend

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I hate, hate, hate cleaning bathrooms! If you're like me though, you will want to make the new Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber one of your best friends!

My Problem

I've tried sticking a big spray bottle of Tile and Tub after shower spray in the children bath with instructions to spritz the bath area after each shower/bath and it works for a few days but then amnesia sets in and they forget exactly what that bottle of clear liquid is for sitting near the tub and shower and within a week their bath is pretty grungy. I use that method in our shower and have no problem keeping it clean but I needed to find something that I could use quickly and almost effortlessly in the children bath - and something that would help me overcome those amnesia periods a little faster.

My Solution

The Action Scrubber made incredibly short work of cleaning the shower/bath and tiled walls and all I can say to that is "YES!" The green foam "handle" is comfortable to hold and isn't too awkward as it is soft enough to bend and flex to help get into the corners and crevices that exist. The little cleaning pads are abrasive enough to do a decent job but not so much that they will scratch delicate surfaces. The little pads are injected with a cleaning solution and to use the Action scrubber it's just a matter of removing one of the 5 pads from the sealed package, and placing it, rough side up (the pad has "this side down" indicators on the back of it), ensuring it is adhered to the two Velcro like strips on the handle and you are off. After adding a little water you simply use just a bit of firm pressure on the surface you wish to clean and the scrubber does its magic.

How Effective is this product?

I'm impressed! Usually I'll huff and puff to scrub away soap scum but no longer! This Action Scrubber does all the work for me and all I have to do is run it across the grunge and voila - in less than a few minutes a sparkling bathtub and tiles! There's no excess cleaning solution to worry about and rinsing to a clean shine is a simple matter of running clean water over the surface. The shine is great and the subtle clean scent isn't irritating to anyone in the house.

A few drawbacks and what I'd like to see

This product would begin to get expensive for those who clean their baths daily without any other type of spray or cleaner in between thorough cleaning sessions because each pad is not designed to be reused, which is the one thing I don't like about the product. A replacement package of 5 pads costs about $3.97. I'd like to see this product come with 5 reusable pads and perhaps a small spray bottle of whatever the cleaning solution is that is used on them. I'd be willing to pay a little more for that if I knew that I'd be able to reuse the pads after simply washing them and then just re-purchasing the cleaner itself.

The Verdict

Of course, if you aren't into reusable - this toss away product (pads only - you keep the handle which is probably good for a number of uses if you don't get too rough with it) does a pretty good job and if it cleaned the kids bath without effort, surely it can keep a less trafficked bath looking beautiful all the time. I have reused the pad for two sessions with success, however the cleaner is no longer very evident and the pad tends to remove itself from the velcro a little more easily the 2nd time around, but I've rinsed off the pad well, reapplied it to the handle and used it a 2nd time after applying a little Tub and Tile spray and the results have been just as good. I'd not recommend more than 2 tries with one pad though and definitely not reuse it at all if the first cleaning was a major grungy one!

You may find other uses for this little product - I've used it on the vanity countertop to remove those stray little toothpaste drops my children seem to deem invisible and also used it on the sink but I've not used it on other surfaces other than the chrome taps, it doesn't clean really well in really tight places like tap handles but overall it does make lighter work of bathrooms. I'd willingly purchase more pads for use with this product until a reusable style came out.