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Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Bathroom Wipes

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heathererin By heathererin on
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Flushable cleaning wipes for the bathroom - OH YES! I have three children; one in diapers, two who are supposedly potty trained. As you can imagine, I have to clean the toilet a lot. Someone is always a little off with their aim. And if you're like me you worry about germs; if you use a sponge or cloth, you want to throw it afterwards. If you use paper towel you need to bag it and bin it immediately. And I don't know about you, but dragging wads of wet paper towel around is not my idea of fun.

So these caught my eye when I saw them. Something I could use to clean my toilet three or four times a week and then just flush away - fantastic! I was worried at first that they'd clog up my low flush toilet, but truth be told they never have. And I was also worried that if they were degradable enough to not clog my toilet, my hand would go through them while I was scrubbing at something horrible - no, that hasn't happened either.

These wipes don't have the best scent - it is very chemical. But you can wipe down a toilet with just a few wipes and feel happy that it's clean and you don't have anything festering in a garbage bag. And if you want to do a quick touch up on a sink, they work for that too.

I'm a bit of a granola eco-mama, so I feel bad about flushing anything that isn't 100% necessary, but the cleanliness of my toilet makes up for my feelings of guilt. This is so great and so easy, I just love them!