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Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Cleaner Freshener

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I've wanted to try this product for awhile now - ever since I saw it advertised it has intrigued me for two reasons. Of course it intrigued me from the perspective that I couldn't possibly imagine it working very well as I envisioned this gel disk floating away pretty rapidly - particularly in our home. The second reason for my intrigue was that of course, I wanted to do a review on it so here it is.

The product comes complete with a slight bit of assembly necessary but it's a simple matter of inserting the tube containing the gel into the cylinder that acts like a dispenser to allow you to position the gel near the rim of the rear of the toilet bowl and dispense a small dollop of the sticky solution. The dispenser is very simple to use but the first application of the gel was not without a very slight learning curve - positioning the dispenser at the back of the bowl, depressing the button, pushing the tube against the bowl and waiting for the button to move to the next slot in the tube and lock into place. Remove the tube and voila, a sort of startburst shaped gel disk attached successfully to the toilet bowl.

You want to ensure that you adhere the gel disk near the water source for your toilet bowl as its the water combined with the gel that allows you to have a worry free clean and actually fragrant toilet.

We have 3 baths in our home so I think I have given this product a fairly good testing. The verdict? The disks were applied on Friday morning and this is Tuesday and so far each disk has held up quite well to numerous flushes and only the kids disk shows signs of disintegration this morning but it is used currently by 6 people so overall it has stood up reasonably well.

Does it keep the toilet bowl cleaner? Well, that is hard to judge given that our toilet bowls never get grungy but as for scent well, our bathrooms have a faint fresh scent to them and so far I would have to say that this product does work quite well. It may end up more costly than most cleaners if your home is equipped with several baths as there are only 6 applications to a tube but we've already gotten 5 days out of three of them and in two of the bathrooms it appears we will easily get at least another 4 or 5 days worth of use. The product claims to work up to 500 flushes. So, I think I can safely say that this particular product will last in our heavy traffic home for at least 2-3 weeks. A home with just one or two baths will of course get several weeks worth of use from it so I think it's an economical solution for the average home. The product claims one disk will last for at least a week and by all indications, indeed they do.

I'd like to see the packaging in more of a reusable state with some way for users to actually purchase refills because the unit itself appears that it would stand up to additional uses. Currently once the disks are done you simply throw the dispenser away. I'd also like to see this in larger formats - the standard 6 disk dispenser but also a "double duty" one for homes like ours where there are several baths, perhaps a 12 disk dispenser.

I think I can safely say though that this product does live up to its claims and is definitely much easier and more hygenic to use than those dreaded ugly toilet bowel clip on thingies which I don't purchase because then I have to put my hand in the toilet bowl to extract them - ugh! I'll definitely continue to purchase this product and would recommend it to others to try.The product is available in two scents - Fresh Clean which I purchased and Citrus Action.