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Sea Monkeys R The Bomb!!!

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My youngest, just had a birthday a few weeks ago and one of the things she got was sea monkeys.

I have never heard of a sea money until then. There was a few people there that were talking about these thing being in the back of magazines.

One lady said, she never bought any because she was afraid it was fake and they would just steal her money.

Well, we open the package and it says to put this package of stuff in the water to clean it. Then wait 24 hours.

After waiting, we put in the sea money eggs. They were popping up here and there, going crazy. I understood then, how they got there name.

I was so amazed, with her toy, that I had set there and watched them for like 30 minutes, not even realizing it.

Then my husband, was like, "All that is, are a whole bunch of shrimps".

And that just like, killed the excitement a little. I thought, we were growing some kind of rare sea thing, and he had to go, blow that idea, out of the water.

So now, even though I know we are raising shrimps, its not as exciting but still very interesting to watch grow and play.

It came with a locket, you could put the monkeys in and wear, but we lost the direction and a few of the sea moneys got sacrificed, while trying to get them in the locket.

My daughter and I have both agreed to just watch them in the tank, instead of losing more, trying to messing with that locket.

My 9 year old calls the locket, " The locket of death, " now.

You have to wait five days before you can feed them, and it comes with a small container of food and a tiny spoon. After the five days you feed them every two days unless the water is cloudy. Then you stop feeding them until it clears up.

It has been 8 days since we opened the package and I can see how much they have grown. We have ours on a window ceil in the living room.

We love this gift.

Update On Aug 26, 2008: We have had the sea moneys for over a month now. They are still alive and kicking. We have had babies, so the population is rising. I still love watching them. They take no maintenance, no cleaning out water, like you do with fish. You know when they need more food, when the water in completely clear. Its, great!!!