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Sea World Brings Fun To All Families

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By buckeyefan32 on
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Have you ever dreamed of the perfect amusement park at a low price? Well your dreams have just come true! SeaWorld is an amusement park with rides, shows, great food, and all kinds of sea animals. My personal favorite is the Shamu Show, a huge whale showing off his moves in a huge stadium. Jumps, poses, tricks, and anything else you can think of, this whale can do. And that's just one of the shows. Add dolphins, sea lions, walruses, birds, and some others and you get really cool theme park. And those are just the shows. Fuse that with rides, exhibits, great food, and a great price and you get SeaWorld.

First of all, the shows aren't the only thing with animals--the other is the exhibits. Boy, are there a lot of exhibits. That's another one of my favorites--they have tons of different animals--and not just sea animals--birds, turtles, Clydesdale horses, sharks, sting rays--okay, so most of those are sea animals, but who cares? They're all incredible.

And now, for all of you wild ones out there--there's the rides. Now, if you're going there just for the rollercoasters, don't. But if you want everything I described above, and the roller coasters then I recommend it. Onto the rides... first of all Kraken is incredible. It's fast, wild, and has a huge hill. The queue line is a neat area too, they make it look like you're entering a cave with a kraken. Second of all, Journey to Atlantis, while not being a roller coaster, is also fun. It's a log flume basically, but taken to the next level--it really plays out the "Journey to Atlantis" story, ending in a monster hill. And last but not least is Manta. While I have not riden it, i Have heard from friends it is incredible. It is what's called a flying roller coaster, where you're body is positioned like superman while he's flying.

So, all in all, if you're a family and want a little bit of everything, SeaWorld Orlando is the place to go.