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Seagate Freeagent Desktop

Reviewing: Seagate Freeagent, 250 Gb  |  Rating:
By trurl on
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The first thing you notice about the free agent is that it looks mighty fine. Housed a matte black case with a pulsing orange light strip it sits comfortably on the desk taking up little space. Like similar products, it works right out of the box with optional management software. It does the job, transfers at moderate speeds over USB 2 and is generally happy.

However, there is a major design flaw--the cooling fan is mounted on the bottom with tiny vents vents directed straight at the desk surface. Suffice it to say, it has miserable cooling. Whether or not this contributes to the next problem is debatable, but probable.

A few months after purchasing it, it began to have write errors, especially with large file transfers. It would lose the record of the master drive table and would promptly stop working until it was powered down, disconnected, and reawakened. Tech support reports this as a known problem and none of their solutions were overly effective. Looking around the web, I found that changing the cache properties on the drive and altering other parameters seemed to help, and I was also recommended to turn it on its side (the better to cool). Since performing these modifications, the drive works fine.

So, as a drive, it looks good and works fine. From what I've heard, the newer versions (mine is from August '07) don't suffer from the problems I've seen. Additionally, Seagate is renowned for its 5 year warranty, 4 years beyond most other manufacturers, so in theory all the bases are covered. Take that for what you will...