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Seagate St3120026 As Hard Drive

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Seagate ST3120026AS SATA interface using the known or SATA-150. On the hard disk transfer speed is faster than the current generation ATA ribbon cable with a speed ATA-133/100. Also the replacement of hard disk controller chip. When this has been supported for SATA interface. Some vendors are using SATA to SATA devices such as hard disk with the Silicon Image RAID system.

Currently, the SATA will not confuse the user. Especially with the P4 using the latest chip-set as Canterwood and Springdale have internal IDE to SATA devices in addition to ATA devices. Seagate ST3120026AS has buffer larger than the next generation ATA is generally only have a 2 MB buffer with the round plate 7200rpm. ST3120026AS Seagate has 8MB internal buffer to the plates rotate speed 7200rpm to provide access to data or read and written into the disk.

As a note. there are some restrictions on the use of SATA hard disk that has a large capacity. Special for WinNT and Windows XP 2000 SP3 does not have a problem with the format and partition hard disks. Except on the type of OS WIn98, ME, NT 4.x has a limitation with 137GB native format. Also for WIn98 bit with FAT16 format, then you should not use a partition over 8GB on the DOS partition with a type of FAT16 partition is only the maximum allowed under 2.147GB.

To make a partition with a large 128GB hard disk with the DOS OS. It is a good idea to prepare the software's internal software or the Seagate Disc Wizard is provided by the company.


Seagate ST3120026A with SATA interface, showing faster than hard disk with ATA devices. Ability to transfer, reached a maximum 20% faster than conventional hard disk. Design does not vary with the generation of the buffer only for ATA, Seagate ST3120026A enlarge the capacity of 2 MB buffer into 8MB. The addition of this buffer will be offset because the hard disk transfer speed capability of 55MB SATA achieve peak / s. As a comparison to the level of noise SATA Seagate ST3120026A not different than Seagate 80GB hard drive

SATA technology is at this time can be enjoyed with the availability of controller chip-set for this interface. Only a few constraints on the use of SATA hard drive, Hard disk SATA no longer have the option slave or master. The type of cable with SATA interface only has a 2 point that connects with the hard disk device mainboard. This is necessary if the planned direct use of SATA technology with the ability of the maximum transfer rate compared to a loss of ATA with the other media. Basically the system faster than SATA with ATA ribbon cable using the conventional. What is time using SATA hard disk, your needs will determine which technology and SATA is still takes time to apply to other optical media.