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Sealy Ultra Plush Mattress

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Not long ago I happened to have the fortune of coming into some extra money that was still in relation to my deceased mother. I took advantage of this little windfall of money by deciding to get rid of not only my old bed-frame that was ancient and 47 years old, but a nice new mattress for myself. Don't ask how old that mattress was, but I just hadn't the finances to get a new one sooner. In fact, as soon as I knew I was getting those extra funds, visions of having a bonfire came into my mind when it came time to get rid of both old bed and mattress.

Now I'm sort of odd in that, whenever I seem to get extra money, I suddenly get extra fussy of what I want to buy. Yes, I knew I desperately needed a new mattress but don't ask how many websites I looked up to get that perfect mattress. And yes, I opted to buy it on-line. Some of my friends thought I was a bit daft for not going to actual stores and trying out mattresses as there are several bed mattress stores not far away from me, like Sleepy's. I'm not a great shopper though, meaning, shopping in stores hours on end just isn't my thing.

Just a bit prior to my website hunts for a mattress, I was visiting a friend of mine who also had just gotten a new mattress for her captain's bed and asked her if I could "test" hers out. The moment I laid down on it I knew I absolutely, positively did not want a firm mattress. I felt I was resting on the floor or at least a concrete slab as it was so hard. So nix any ideas of getting any kind of a firm mattress. Now the hunt was on, and shows you how out of touch, and how long it's been since I bought a mattress as I had no idea they could be so expensive. Even though a Sleepy's was right near where I live, I started looking at their website and didn't see anything I liked in the price range I was willing to spend. Then I went to department store websites like Target, nope I also didn't see anything. It wasn't until I hit the US-Mattress website that I found a great selection: Sealy Sterns & Foster, Simmons, Bassett. even the Vera Wang collection made by Serta were among some of the companies of mattresses they sold there.

I was attracted to the Sealy line as the prices for their mattresses seemed the most reasonable and now knowing that I definitely didn't want any kind of firm mattresses I opted for their promotional sale of the Ultra Plush Frosty Glade Mattress that was selling for a mere $359.00 with boxspring included. With the boxspring I had the opportunity to pick either the standard 9" or the low profile 5" inch one, which was the one I opted for.

The transaction was made smoothly and I got an email back from US-Mattress telling me that I could expect my mattress delivery within three weeks. In actuality though, it came within only one week and only a few days after I had gotten my new bedframe. I had assembled my bed in the living room within only a few days, so by the time the mattress and boxspring came all I had to do was place the mattress on top, and yes, I assembled the bed entirely myself.

I must admit I was hesitant then when I finally did get the mattress if it was indeed going to be comfortable. The moment I laid down on it I couldn't complain. It was the most comfortable bed I've been on in years, but then of course, anything just about would have been more comfortable than my old mattress. The real test though on how comfortable my new mattress was the ultimate test: my two cats. Don't laugh. My two cats are real pampered "babies" and their "mom" has spoiled them rotten. In fact, it was to be awhile before I wast to actually to sleep on this new bed with my new mattress, as I had to still had to dissemble my old bed-frame and discard the old mattress, so I kept it in the living room until I was able to clean out my bedroom well and push in the new bed and mattress. Well instead of me sleeping on my new mattress first, it was "tested" out by my one cat, Pyewacket and he seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, so I guess he approved of it and gave it two thumbs up...or is that two paws up?

This Sealy Ultra Plush mattress is so comfortable, I actually have a hard time getting up for the day; it's the kind you just want to cuddle and relax in. I find I'm falling asleep faster and have a restful night's sleep. I have to admit I was plagued for years with severe back problems, but now I haven't had one back ache due to an uncomfortable mattress ever since I got this one. If ever you're in the market for buying a new bed, and you too don't like firm mattresses, I highly recommend this Sealy Frosty Glade Ultra Plush. I also recommend getting your mattress, whichever one you do choose, from US-Mattress as their service is top notch and there is no tax or shipping charges added.