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Sears Kenmore Elite He4t He4

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bubbacat By bubbacat on
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When these Sears Frontloaders came to the local Sears store, I thought wow these are so nice. The colors were appealing. But who really cares about colors? Do these machines really work? I always owned toploaders. I heard that these machines are energy efficient and they really are energy efficient. They use little water to do the loads. There is a quiet Pak to reduce noise during operation. Although the spin cycle can be noisy. Have I had repairs yet? Yes and within the two year period and it was under warranty. Lucky me! You still have to pay for the repairman visit even though you have the warranty. Why, I don't know. I almost got a new washer under the lemon law, but seemed okay after several visits. Working okay now. Woops....I might jinx it. The two year old washer has been replaced with two different motors. The repairman said the machine wasn't getting up to speed. A circuit panel was replaced also. I was close to that new machine when a technician said I wasn't using the right detergent for the machine even though the label said He. The technician on the other line to the repairman said "that company doesn't make He detergent. So I switched to a detergent that specifically has HE in bold letters on the front and for HE only. Regular detergents cause a build up of scum which causes the machines to not work properly. You cannot wash really small loads in these washers unless you use silk setting and then the clothes come out wet so then you must spin again. On regular loads with a few items, the spin cycle spins and spins because it doesn't sense a load. The dryer has worked perfectly. It's the washer! Another problem I have is : when the washer load is finished, I open up the door and all the lights on the front panel come on and I have to cancel them. The washer moves around or should I say dances around on the floor and has to be repositioned regularly. The dryer is wonderful, no problems yet. Sears needs to iron out some of the problems with the washer and maybe the machine may be better. The biggest problem with this duo is the cost. You are investing alot of money in this washer/dryer and if you purchase the drawers that go underneath the duo. Most of all: You better have a warranty or you will be paying out the wazoo. After that two year warranty, you must continue paying for more warranties on top of that until you have an outrageous amount of money wrapped up in this purchase. These appliances are like a really major purchase, like a car. I'm beginning to think I should break out the wax and wax these babies. If you have the money to buy and continue to upkeep these machines, then okay. I just feel that you would be better buying something with less buttons/electronics and when it goes bad just buy something new. With this purchase you are going to have alot of money invested. Figure it out, 1800 or more for the duo plus warranty then extend the warranty each time. It really adds up! There may be people out there that have absolutely no problems with the HE4t. My next purchase I will really research washer/dryers to find the most efficient and cost effective for my household.