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Season 13 Of South Park

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By sjkim1995 on
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South Park has always been one of my favorite shows. Full of action packed episodes and memorable parodies of celebrities, movies, etc. However, we all know that every show has it's dark moments but is it just me or are the more recent episodes slacking a little bit?

South Park was at it's prime(in my opinion) at seasons 5-8 or 9. But, I'm beginning to think that this new season is becoming stale and unexciting. I believe that with the exceptions of some episodes such as "Fatbeard" and "Fishsticks", the creators of South Park have really brought South Park a notch down. For example, the older episodes were full of action and drama such as "Child Abduction is Not Funny" and "Scott Tenorman Must Die". Watching some of the newer episodes such as the "Pinewood Derby" was boring and uncreative. It's beginning to lose its spice and the plots need to be taken into deeper consideration.

As well as the slowly declining plot, the release dates of episodes is slowing down. It used to be that one episode would be released every week during the process of a season yet its been over 3 weeks since the last episode, Fatbeard. Including all of the episodes in Season 13, there isn't even 10 episodes, not enough for a season.

I believe that creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker should really takes some time and improve the show because of the millions of fans of South Park and the fact the show has so much more potential to be better than it is now.