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Seasons Of Drama Series In My Damn Pocket!

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A bit about my profile, I'm currently studying medicine in Moscow Medical Academy. I came from Malaysia and I can speak much Russian, but few would understand. Before leaving on a jet plane, I figured out that I need to bring my documents, movies, musics with me, so that boredom won't be the first thing that I'll discover in Russia. That's when I went to Lowyat, and purchase Maxtor Onetouch 160GB portable hard disk drive.

Well, that's enough for an anecdote, the main cool factor of one touch is its shock-resistant capability. Surely, most of you movie leechers would have an experience having your whole collection of drama series gone because of a shock error with your portable HDD. You see, most of this error requires you to reformat your portable HDD, and that would equate to losing all the data you had saved in it. With Onetouch shock-proof feature, I am scare-free of this problem, and I'd even tried dropping my Onetouch from a height of a desktop, no safety net provided, and too bad the gravitational impact didn't put a scratch on my precious data.

After the coolest feature, here comes the second most cool feature of my portable HDD 'The Maxtor Manager'! Yeah, as cool as it sounds, this software is a driver that lets you compress files in your HDD and also lets you create a backup file of your window. This means, if it happens that you want to reinstall a window on your computer, you can easily use Maxtor Manager to backup all the files in your computer, so that when your computer is reformat, you would have all the data from your previous time. Cool!! But, the main feature of Maxtor Manager is the transfer speed enhancement. Different from you guys, when I'm plugging my Maxtor Onetouch, I see no 'removable disk' windows, and the contents of my hard disk automatically pop-ups on the screen. Pretty efficient, and I also notice a slight increase in transfer space, about 2-3 minutes faster. Maxtor Manager really has done a great job here.

Last but not least, is the slim anatomy of this baby. The adjective 'portable' is not given for no reason to this baby, cause you can easily carry it in your pocket, and guess what, you'll barely notice its existence because of its feathery weight. Apart from being light, the casing of this HDD is pretty arrogant too. With the silvery incandescence on top and black silhouette down bottom, you won't hesitate to show off your dirty baby to all of your friends.

Maxtor Onetouch, is awesomely good either on outer or inner quality. If you leechers are looking for a portable HDD to be your constant companion, Maxtor Onetouch won't let you down.