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Second Story Window Washing Plan!

Reviewing: Mallory Telescopic Window Washer W/Sqeegee  |  Rating:
sizwizz By sizwizz on
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I live in a two-story house, and the upstairs windows desperately needed cleaning. Since I have a set of two double hung windows in all of the rooms upstairs, I had this bright idea! I would buy a squeegee, open one side of the set of windows, and wash and squeegee the closed window next to it. Then repeat the process on the other side. Genius!

I looked for a squeegee that had a sponge for cleaning on one side, and of course, a rubber squeegee on the other side. Specifically, I was looking for the squeegee to be pliable. I didn't want it too stiff. I decided on the Mallory Telescopic Window Washer.

I got it home, mixed up some cleaning solution and put my plan in motion. Wow! I think this is working! Scrubbed off the nasty grime, rinsed, and now I'm ready to dry things off with the rubber squeegee. But wait a minute! The squeegee is leaving streaks! The rubber wasn't making good contact with the glass. Shoot! I had to think fast! I found some old lint-free rags, wrapped them around the head of the squeegee, and dried my windows. And you know what? It worked pretty well! I don't think they're completely streak-free, but they're a darn-sight better than they looked before!

I got my upstairs windows clean, although, not the way I had planned.

In defense of the squeegee, if I'd been standing in front of the window and not off to the side, hanging out a window, I might have had better contact with the glass. Also, the Mallory Telescopic Window Washer had a good range adjustment in the handle. All in all, I can't call it ‘bad' just because it didn't fit my hair-brained idea!