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Secret Fit Belly Pants

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When I was about a month and a half pregnant, my mom took me shopping for some summer maternity clothes. I was really excited because today's styles are very stylish and I figured I could start wearing everything even without a big belly.

At this point, my belly was just swollen with the typical fluid retention and early changes. I could still wear and button my regular pants, but it was starting to get uncomfortably snug in the front of my belly. I tried on a pair of these Secret Fit Belly pants and it felt so good to just let my belly relax in the stretchy material. My mom bought the pants and I started wearing them when I was about 2 months pregnant.

One thing I have found is that the stretchy fabric that goes over my belly tends to get a little itchy. When I just barely had a belly, the fabric would come up almost to the bottom of my ribs. This was uncomfortable, and with it being summer, I didn't want more layers over my belly making me hot.

So I put them back and didn't start wearing them again until I was about 5 months pregnant. At this point they started to fit better, but the fabric still came up about an inch above my belly button. It was still hot, so when I wore them I just folded the fabric down to where they were comfortable. They felt great, but when I sat down or after walking for a while, the pants would start to fall down. I kept having to pull them up and readjust the belly part. They were still the most comfortable pants I had to wear!

Now that I am 6 months pregnant the pants are starting to fit much better. I am filling out the belly part and the pants are staying up better. I still fold the belly down a little because it is still hot out, but the bigger I get, the less there is to fold. I think in another month I will need all the fabric I can get!

Overall I really like the style, color, price, and features of these pants. My only tip is that they might not fit until your third trimester. Get a size that fits you early, not one that you think you will grow into and fill out. The stretchy belly will conform to you and the rest of the pants will stay fitting like they always did.