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Secret: Gel Vanilla Chai

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By kmx13 on
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If you're tired of the smell of baby powdered deodorants or that "fresh shower" smell they all claim to have then you have to try the gel Vanilla Chai deodorant from Secret. It smells amazing and lasts all day. Instead of a hard deodorant, Secret has a gel form that works much better, especially if you want to avoid white marks on your clothes. The gel instantly soothes dry and irritated skin and takes effect immediately. This deodorant is like having a 24 hour working deodorant and a great smelling perfume all in one. The vanilla chai scent is just right and isn't too strong that it makes you sick like some of those "scented candles". I've actually received a lot of complements just wearing it. People always say, "Whoa, that smells so good! Is it a perfume?" And after explaining it's deodorant they get a shocked look on their face then run to the store and buy some. This deodorant is available in any drug store as well as Walmart and other Superstores. It's a great product worthy of a 5 star rating.

Shoppers DrugMart is the best place to purchase the deodorant as I find they always have the best prices and the most sales. I purchased mine for 2.99 though the price can range up to 4.99. I suggest looking for the best deals as saving two dollars is better than nothing.