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Secret Of My Beautiful Skin

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I am sorry to call myself beautiful, but people say so about my skin. I never hesitate to speak openly my beauty tips before them. The product I am going to discuss at the moment is one of the reasons for my beautiful skin. Before discussing the product, I am confessing that I am mostly an Herbal Woman. If you look at my beauty box you will find more ayurvedic producs. I have a strong believe that the Ayurvedic Products does not use much chemicals in the manufacturing process and hence there will be low damage and more benefit to the skin or hairs, whatever it may be.

I never compromise with quality for caring my skin.

Ayur is a brand name which is dominating the Indian cosmetic industries with their quality and promising products. You will get their beauty products right from hair care to cosmetics. They have standardized their process of quality maintenance and so they are gaining their popularity. They mostly use the natural ingredients for their products and this is the most strong points they are sticking to.

The skin toner contains aloe vera, rose water, and natural moisturizers. The best thing is that the toner can be used by all skin types and there are no allergic reactions so far my knowledge is concerned. (But I insist you to check for allergies before application). It comes in a plastic container and the consistency of the toner is liquid of the color of rosy red. It has a mild refreshing smell, though everyone may not appreciate the fragrance it has. The look of the plastic container is not that attractive, yet it contains the specially formulated liquid for caring my skin safely protected inside it.

What affects our skin?

If you give a thought at the question above, you will come out with a few possible answers and of them the most important are harsh effects of the sun rays, atmospheric microbes, and of course acne. The dirt's deposited over our skin surface are a reason for acne and all and to keep our skin clean we use a number of cleansing agents like face wash, shops, and all and thereafter application of moisturizers or other beautifying agents which may be corrosive to the skin. But, I use this natural agent from Ayur to take care of my facial skin. Fortunately, the skin toner takes care of all the external causes to protect my skin.

How to apply?

First of all, I rinse my face thoroughly with some mild cleansing agent and cold water. Thereafter, I go for this skin toner. I use cotton swabs for cleansing my skin with this rosy liquid. Just take some cotton, sufficient enough to hold with my fingers and put some toner into it. Then I take around five minutes to rub over my face and neck for about five minutes. After that I leave my face as such. I do it usually in the morning before taking a bath and in the evening before going to bed. But, if I happen to go out, I will clean my face with the toner immediately after taking a glass of cold water.

After application of the toner, I could see a glow over my face. My skin gets refreshed and invigorated. I am happy to use this product and could feel the glow over my skin almost all the day long, even though I am sweating a lot.

I would strongly recommend everyone to go for this natural product if they really want some naturally beautiful skin.