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Secure Meal Replacements Do They Work?

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SECURE Complete Meal Replacements by Andrew Lessman

All we ever seem to see on TV is products, products, and more products that guarantee you will lose those extra pounds, melt that fat, firm up your booty and transform you into a new person.

Andrew Lessman is a frequent HSN guest and promoter of his line of meal replacements, supplements and vitamins, all of which are 100% natural and additive free. I must have been weak and gave in to his pleasant and convincing voice because I dialed up an order for a giant container of 100 servings of Secure Complete Meal Replacements. Along with my order I received a free 50 capsule bottle of New Energy & Fat Metabolism Factors, designed to enhance fat burning & increase your energy.

I had my choice of vanilla, chocolate or coffee flavors and opted for the vanilla. Each meal replacement shake was only 70 calories and in less than a week I had my larger than life container of protein powdered meal replacements and I was ready to start. When Andrew and the hostess were showing this on the air all they added was water, swirled it with a spoon and guzzled it down while uttering, Mmmmmmm, Ohhhhhh, that is so Gooood!!

The next day my plan was to have the shake for breakfast, have a salad for lunch and eat healthier dinners (this is a lot easier said than done). I followed the directions on the container, even added ice to make it nice and cold and started drinking. Mmmmm, uggghhhh, really sweet and kind of chalky to me! By the time I swallowed the last sip I was glad to be done with it.

I stopped at the grocery store on my lunch and purchased a bag of unsweetened mixed frozen berries. The next morning I pulled out my blender and scooped in the protein powder, a handful of frozen berries, some ice and the water. What I now had was a delicious thick shake that actually tasted pretty good. I also found some great smoothie recipes online at securemeal.com.

I've been using the Secure shake before I leave for work each day for the last 2 months. Do I think 70 calories equals a meal replacement....no I don't, perhaps as a snack and that's all I would ever use this for. What this does "do" for me (someone who normally does not eat breakfast) is keep me from hitting the vending machines mid morning for a much higher calorie snack. I have since ordered a container of the coffee flavor. This one I found to be really good in flavor and keeps me from thinking of more fattening, not to mention a more expensive iced cappuccino or latte. These shakes I flavor up with sugar free syrups, yum.

I opted NOT to take the energy and fat metabolism tablets as they had herbs which acted as caffeine and was not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure for which I take medication.

The Secure Meal Replacement is low in fat, carbs and sodium, contains 26 vitamins and minerals, 200 mg calcium and 7 grams of soy protein.

I'll continue having my morning shake. I'm down a size in jeans without really trying. Since the Secure 100 meal container equals about 7-1/2 cents per serving it's a much better bargain than buying ready made flavored shakes in a can which come to well over $1.00 each. I'm thinking of trying the pina colada flavor next so I'll keep you updated!