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Security Service Federal Credit Union

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Security Service Federal Credit Union has 43 locations throughout Texas and Colorado. The corporate office is located in San Antonio, TX. This financial institution is top notch in offerings. You can get everything from simple checking and savings accounts to various loans and credit cards.

In order to become a member of SSFCU, you must meet certian qualifications: Military or Department of Defense, Military or Department of Defense Retiree, Fifty-Plus Club, Inc., Methodist Church Members/Employees (TX), Catholic Church Members (CO), Field of Membership Groups

(businesses, organizations, churches, geographic areas, etc.), or a Family, or Household, Member belonging to one of those groups.

To hold an SSFCU bank account you must maintain both checking and savings accounts. The savings must have a minimum of $10 in it at all times.

There are the statistics for you, here are the facts. They have great banking hours for working class folks. They are open on Sundays to handle your basic banking needs.

SSFCU has mall branches that are open as long as the mall is, how cool is that? If you need to deposit a check at 8:30 pm before something bounces, you can!

The online services are optimal. The SSFCU site is secure. Every so often you are asked personal confirmation questions after you enter your password--I like that security feature. We have a teenager and I would not want here tapping into the account at will.

SSFCU has good customer service. The tellers have always been polite and accommodating.

The loan people. Well, they would not give us an auto loan. They smirked when we asked. But I know it was not them doing the declining, it was the people behind the wall.

In all fairness, we got a better loan somewhere else. See "Lending Tree Helps You Get Financed"

Over all we have been very happy with SSFCU. They do have fees some banks do not, like low balance fees, non-SSFCU ATM charges, and they charge for basic checks. However, if you are looking for a Credit union that works when you're not, this is the one.