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See This Box? It's Nothing...Seriously!

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This Easyway I Quit product was wrapped in cellophane before I purchased it so I didn't learn the full scope of its power until I was able to open it after purchasing. Let's just say that its marketing power greatly exceeds its power to successfully help anyone quit smoking. Ok, maybe a 1 or 2 cigarette a day smoker or someone who has just started smoking just might benefit from it and those who believe cold turkey is the only way to quit will probably find this, if nothing more, a fact filled read, but for those who have the habit ingrained and will have to work to overcome "triggers"...this isn't a product you want to waste money on no matter how cheap it is.

What You Get

This package emblazoned with the slogan "The only pack you'll ever need" is comprised of a book and 20 cards. The book and cards are 2" wide by about 4" tall. The premise of this little kit is that you walk through the book first, ensuring you read each and every one of the 208 pages which are basically factoids and myth-buster info with some low down on just how low smokers are to add to the reinforcement that you don't want to be one of those low lifes and you begin to believe that by the end of the book you'll have a pretty solid Stop smoking plan in place. After all, at the very beginning Mr. Carr warns you not to stop or cut down your smoking until he instructs you to. The book takes approx 10 minutes to read through and as soon as you are done reading, you are told to then light your "last" cigarette, enjoy it, butt it out and say, "I am a non-smoker".

What You do after you are a 'non-smoker'

Then you carry around these 20 cards and every time you think you want to be a smoker again, you whip one of those bad boys out and glean a little "encouragement" such as -, "Think: 'Yippee! I'm a non-smoker!' Don't try to avoid thinking about cigarettes. If I said: 'Don't think about a banana now', you would almost certainly think about bananas." Or the one I found even more worthless - "Don't envy smokers, pity them. As more and more smokers leave the sinking ship, those left behind feel more stupid, insecure, isolated and inadequate."

The Marketing Is where the power is

At the beginning of the book and on 2 of the 20 cards are information regarding the courses that are available through the Allen Carr clinics and online and Mr. Carr stipulates on page 6 of the book that he is so certain that you'll quit using this little package that if you do not succeed he will cheerfully refund the cost of the package to you - in the form of a discount to attend one of his clinics. I haven't located pricing info for those clinics but I did find that you can pay $149 to watch a 4 hour webinar that also guarantees you'll be a non-smoker by the end of it.

..and the final verdict is?

The Easyway clinics may apparently work but as for this packaged product it's now run through more than 10 different people's hands, both smokers and non-smokers alike and the verdict has been unanimous. This product is a waste of money and does only one thing well. It places the person looking to quit in the position, early on, of believing that if they fail to quit after using this package, then they are just too strong willed or not determined enough to quit and need to either read the book over again and again til they get it, or they need to call an Easyway clinic and do it that way. If high profile people like Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGeneres are quitting and praising Easyway and if people like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Robert Baden and others are endorsing it...then I guess that's great - that implies to those who are impressed by big names, that the clinic or webinar or seminar methods must be working. This little package however, offers the purchaser very high claims and along with that hopes that they will finally be successful as a non-smoker. Unfortunately, there is little foundation put in place to really ensure that this package is indeed "the only pack you'll ever need". All you have is a book with a bunch of facts and bashing about how stupid and inadequate smokers are and cards that reinforce those stupid and inadequate statements and a true sense that when the results you expected are a lot harder to achieve than the book or cards claim, it's because you were just too strong-willed or inadequate or weak or .....fill in the blank with whatever derogatory, non-supportive drivel you can think of.

...and now, as a thank you for reading this far...how you can REALLY quit without spending a cent!

Am I just cranky because this "universally acclaimed" package didn't work for me? I guess I'm one of these people that put downs and words like "stupid" just seem to have the wrong affect on. So, I'll share with you a way that DOES work....no cards, no derogatory comments necessary, no marketing ploys...

** Pick a quit date & mark it boldly on every calendar in the house and tell everyone you know that you're quitting on a certain date and you'd appreciate it if they'd support you with your efforts.

**Tape a little paper on your cigarette pack three weeks prior to that date and monitor your smoking habits marking down when you have a cigarette and what you were feeling when you had it "tired, anxious, stressed, relaxed" - during this first week you are gathering very helpful information about your habit so smoke as you normally would. You'll be surprised at how easily you'll be able to pin point those triggers that have made you want a cigarette and you'll then easily be able to identify them and change your habits or routines to avoid them thus boosting your success rate to quit easily.

**The two weeks leading up to your quit date, continue to monitor your feelings with each cigarette but now begin to taper down the amount smoked a day by 1every day for the 2nd week before your quit date (choose one that you really can do without, ie you just put one out and a few minutes later want to light another...taper that one out, and so on), and then by 2 every day during the 3rd week that leads you right up to your quit date. What you are doing is building a pattern...programming your brain to establish the fact that you are able to go longer and longer without the need for a cigarette. If you smoke currently one cigarette every hour, start your tapering off by stretching that time to maybe an hour and 15 minutes or 1-1/2 hours and with each cigarette you remove, increase the time between cigarettes by about an additional 15-30 minutes. By the time you reach your quit date you've cut down substantially and you are prepared to quit for good and your brain & your newly developed habits are willing to ensure you succeed..

**Meanwhile during this same 3 week period build new habits to avoid "triggering" old ones. If you always had a cigarette after a meal - go for a jog or walk instead. If you always had a cigarette when you drank coffee - drink water or juice instead. If you always sit in a certain spot when you smoke - sit elsewhere - or don't sit at all...get up and exercise. Exercise is great for working off a craving and think about how fit you'll be! Instead of eating donuts or chips....grab an apple or other fruit or suck on mints or suckers or use my hubby's little trick - carry a box of raisins with you and every time you crave for a cigarette munch on raisins. Stock up on all kinds of great, healthy foods and snacks and be sure to add a nice selection of sparkling waters to the mix - great for taking on those walks :). Every day after you've been smoke free - celebrate. If you have an iPhone grab the little stop smoking monitor offered as an app - it apparently has had great success in helping people remain smoke free because it offers up affirming information such as how much money you've saved, how much you've extended your life by etc.

With a good heave ho mentality and desire to quit, this method outlined makes quitting far easier to manage successfully and with barely a blip on your "cravings" scale. Even if you feel the need to add a stop smoking product like the patch, etc if you are having stronger urges than you'd like...you'll be a non-smoker with a lot less frustration and with not a put down in sight!

Of course, if you think this product reviewed here will work for you, great, now would be a good time to get it as it's drastically reduced in price, but don't be surprised if all it does is make you reach for another cigarette!