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Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

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First off, when I saw the preview for this movie, it never really caught my interest. The reason I even saw it was because my mother rented it. Something I noticed from the trailer is that it was listing the powers that the main character (Will) had. One was fire power (the ability to create fire), another was "super power"...... How exactly is "Super" a power? Because it was a visual trailer, they were able to show that they were referring to super strength, but even so, calling it super power just seemed strange

Now, before I go on, I must say that there will be spoilers, not that it will really matter what I spoil. All plot twists are either painfully predictable, unimportant or so ridiculously contrived it's laughable. The movie started fairly, showing a kid (Will) who had just moved from an unspecified state in the U.S.A, to England. Will quickly finds a girl to have a crush on. We see that Will's oldest brother is visiting because it's Will's 14th birthday coming up. Forgive me, the events towards the beginning of this film are starting to get a bit fuzzy to me, but don't worry, I still remember more than enough to review this.

So, basically these people come and find him and tell him he's the seeker, the one person who must find the six or seven ( I forgot which) signs that will fight "the darkness" These signs are little things that contain some kind of power, and it is said that the final sign is a human's soul. They take him to this new world and some church like building to talk about all this while he just takes it all in stride like this is the norm. I feel the need to point out that up until this point, Will thought his world was pretty much the same as ours. No magic, no mystical creatures, just a plain normal world and all of a sudden this knowledge of an entire new world is thrown at him and, yeah, he smiles and acts like it's cool for a short time, but after that, it's right back to business. After this, the movie follows this basic formula of

Step 1: Will lives his life and we get to know a slight bit more information about his powers

Step 2: Will suddenly gets senses that a sign is nearby

Step 3: Will goes back in time to when that sign was there and overcomes a minor obstacle to get it

Step 4: Uninspired, underdeveloped villain tells a cloaked figure (established to be a witch) that Will just found the next sign and that he (the villain) is getting more powerful

Step 5: Repeat until climax

The whole thing is bland and uninteresting. You can watch it for yourself if you like, but chances are, you won't like it.