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Sega Game Gear Revolutionary Pros And Cons

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The Sega Game Gear is by far one of the best handheld gaming system I have owned (although I intened to get a Sony PSP). Pro's

1. It has a lot of games for it.

2. It has about as good of graphics as the Game Boy Advance SP (acually the same screen size).

3. It has a audio plugin for headphones/speakers (same difference), unlike the new game boy.

4. It never ceases to amaze me that some one could make something like that in 1990.

5. It has analog tv tuner (sadly you can't get anything with it unless you find a analog pirate somewhere (mostly because of the digital conversion)).


1. The games are hard to find, unless you go online that is.

2. It takes 6 AA batteries to power this beast, and they only last like 4 hours.

3. Kind of awkward to hold after a few hours (but you have to expect that seeing it was made in 1990).

4. Annoying lines on the screen.

5. Kind of funky controls on some games due to the lack of buttons.

Even though all of those cons are listed, I still like this chunk of silicon and polyethylene!


Update On Feb 17, 2010: Everyonce and a while I run into games for it at garage sales, and most of them are fun! So that should tell you something. Also, there is one REALLY fun RPG for it, the name is escaping me at the moment, I'll do another update when i think of it...