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Self Warming Thermal Cat Cushion

Reviewing: Petsmart Brand Beige Leopard Pad 19 X 23"  |  Rating:
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This is no ordinary pet mat. This leopard print pet cushion is actually what they call self-warming. We first purchased this pad for our very old cat. In his late teens, he developed various illnessness that caused him to lose weight. We were worried that he would lose too much body fat and would be cold all the time.

Even though he was on medication for his Thyroid condition and had an enormous appetite, he was still very thin. We thought any help we could give him to stay warm would be really good for him.

When we saw this pad at Petsmart and saw that it was self warming, we decided to check it out. There are no cords, this pad is not a heating pad. It does not run on electricity or batteries. It's heat is generated by the cat's own body warmth.

Apparently embedded within the layers, this pet cushion has some sort of space-age material of some kind. I have not seen it, but you can hear it crinkling as you touch the pad or when the animal walks across it.

I envision this layer to be some sort of silver material because they refer to it as a reflective type material. The idea is that whatever heat the animal generates on his own, it will be reflected back to him from this crinkly layer inside.

We felt better thinking this pad was making our cat a little more toasty anyway. Whether it truly worked or not, I honestly don't know. Sometimes I would feel it after he got off of it and it did seem a little warmer than your average surface.

Along with senior cats, this cushion is also supposed to be good for other cats that could use a little extra warmth like kittens, nursing cats, and cats who are sick.

This pad is about 1/2" thick, so it is pretty fluffy. It is faux fur. It is machine washable, but because some people in our family are a little sensitive to cat fur, we never put animal items in our washer. We just wash things by hand or vacuum them out.

Our older cat loved this pad. I would recommend it for cats and maybe some smaller type dogs. It was our cat's very special bed and I like to think it did make him warm during his golden years.