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Self Watering Plant Spa Made W Recycled Materials

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I was looking for a planter that I could use with a plant hanger to put outdoors.

I found this most excellent Self-Watering Plant Spa by Misco that is made with recycled material! I am not sure what the percentage of recycled material is used to make this planter, however it was the only one that I found labeled as having any recycled material at all… and the quality of the planter seemed quite nice, so I purchased two.

Other than the recycled materials being used to make the planter I was most interested in the base design. The base of the planter has an “X” indent in an elevated base that is made to provide ventilation, drainage and aeration while also providing a reservoir with enough water for up to two weeks. There is a little lip at the base of the planter to allow you to add water to the base every couple of weeks and your plant will take what it needs.

Since we have a lot of very hot, very dry days where I live having a water reservoir for potted plants is very helpful as it would keep them from wilting during the hottest of summer days. Also this planter would do well hanging under an eave of a home filled with flowers as you would not have to worry about daily watering… and it looks really nice.

So far we have gone through 2 heat waves and I must say that one of my plants is doing extremely well! It is greener than ever before and has no brown spots or wilting after being outdoors for over 2 months in this new pot.

My second plant, however is not fairing as well…. As it is an aloe plant I think that the reservoir is actually providing too much water as my aloe seems to prefer it a little on the dry side. While I could keep it drier by not adding water to the reservoir, it has been unusually rainy so the base of the planter has been full for quite some time…

My conclusion is that the design of the planter is quite superior and works very well for your regular variety plants but is probably not the best choice for anything in the cactus family.

Made in China

Stamped with a number 5 for recycling on the bottom.