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Sencha Shot

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Numerous studies around the world have found that drinking green tea may not be just to fulfill ones thirst but may also save someone’s life. So, when I came across a popular Japanese companies’ product called “Sencha Shot”, I was really excited. Sencha shot is produced by one of Japans largest green tea producer called Ito En. Ito En is popular for producing other products and was a common household drink while I was living in Japan.

Sencha Shot is unlike other Japanese or American green tea drinks available on the market. It is a concentrated form of green-tea antioxidants. The small 6.4 fl oz. can states there are 152 MG of Catechin Tea Antioxidants all wrapped up in oxygen eliminated steel can. Cetechins have been found in studies on human and animals to reduce the risk of strokes, heart failure, cancer and even diabetes.

Unlike bottled American green teas, Ito En keeps with natural products and never sweetens its produces. If you are seeking a sweet drink such as a “southern ice tea”, this is not the green tea product for you. Since it is a small shot of catechin spiked green tea, the taste is full-bodied. After drinking this power drink, I feel recharged and renewed to continue my day.

In my household, we purchase these small cans of power for afternoon fuel during the workweek. Since it is a natural product, it does not contain as much caffeine as an afternoon coffee would give us so we are eager to drink one or two shots a day without fear of a downfall of a caffeine-high.

All in all, Ito En’s Sencha Shot is a great find in the American marketplace. It is available in select grocery or health food stores and online for a small cost. In our Chicago location, we can purchase this product for less than $1.00 each (much less than a regular coffee) and is 100% recyclable. It is safe for adults and children.