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Sennheiser E935 Microphone

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Geoff Wadhams By Geoff Wadhams on
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I have always used a Shure SM58 for vocals, owning several of them. Then we started playing at a club that used Sennheiser

mics exclusively for vocals. I was sold instantly. The 935 just sounds better for just about everyone who uses it . It sits well with 58's in the same mix. The 935 has better top and bottom end that seem to be missing in the 58. This makes it easy to hear in a good monitor mix. It seems to cut through better too. I sing all night and I find myself not having to push as hard to be heard. Sometimes I set up a 58 as well with a large keyboard setup, and I now want another 935

to match the quality of the first. My band is starting to see the light and the other vocalists are purchasing these. Everone who uses one for the first time says "wow". This mic sounds great and is durable. Many touring companies use these as the standard vocal mic now. It sounds great on instruments too. It comes with the standard zipper bag, mic clip and brass thread adapter. If you sing in a live setting, this mic is a good investment.