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Sennheiser Hd437

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By migishu on
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I'm not much of an audiophile, that said, I still do like to have some quality when it comes to listening to my favourite MP3s, or when playing a video game. Beforehand I was using the earplugs that came from my iPod, and after many weeks with ear aches, I sought to get a pair of high quality headphones.

The Sennheiser HD437 is the cheapest of the Sennheiser line of headphones. $60 may sound expensive to you, but when it comes to quality, these things are perfect for the every day consumer.

I don't know too much about the specs or sound range or anything (as I said, I'm not an audiophile, and if I was, I'd have bought the more pricey $400+ range) but listening to MP3s, playing games and watching TV, these things were awesome. I could hear everything very clearly.

As with everything else I review, I have to find a downside. To me that would be that they're comfortable, but not super comfortable. After having them on for a stretch of 3 or so hours, and taking them off again, my ears hurt like all hell. My guess would be that it's because the headphones aren't exactly designed to cover your ears. They sit on them. Yes, that's what headphones are suppose to do, but the padding isn't enough to make them comfortable for long periods of time. After a while, your ears will feel like they're actually sitting on the electronics or plastic parts within the ear piece itself.

For a consumer, I can't recommend these enough. These are very good headphones, as long as you don't use them for long periods of time. If you're and audiophile, get a better pair of Sennheiser headphones.