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Sense Spray Automatic Air Freshener

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Glade Sense and Spray Automatic Air Freshener

Glade sense and spray is a motion activate air freshener. I do not use many scented items because they trigger headaches but I am a Buzzagent and was given the Sense and Spray to try. I placed it in my guest bathroom which only gets used a few times a day to see how it worked. I have had it up for a few days now and I have to say I am really enjoying it.

The starter kit comes with the sense and spray unit, a canister of fragrance and batteries. To get started you simply open the unit, pop in the canister and pull the tab off the top of the batteries to activate them. The unit has a sensor in the front with a light. When the senor detects motion within 5 feet of it, it gives off a puff of fragrance. It will not go off again for at least 30 minutes so it does not over scent the room. If you want a little more of the scent, you can push the boost button on the front of the unit and set it off. This unit does have a light in the front so it may not be suitable for use in rooms like bedrooms where the light may bother you. The light flashes 3 times when it is preparing to give off it's scent, it is solid when it it is in the 30 minute rest period and it flashes every 5 seconds when it is ready for motion to set it off.

Sense and Spray is available in 6 scents, clean linen, apple cinnamon, country garden, powder fresh, new Hawaiian breeze and odor-fighting clear springs. The one I have been using is clear springs which has a light, fresh, slightly floral fragrance. Once it goes off, the scent actually lingers in the air for quite a while but is is not overpowering. With average use the canisters are designed to last for up to 30 days. The cost of the starter kit is $8.99 and refills run $3.49 each but I am sure there are plenty of Glade coupons out there that you can combine with store sales to get them much cheaper.

I like it so much that I am going to purchase a second one to put next to my cat's litter box. This way when he uses the box, he will set off the scent and we can smell it instead of him.