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Senseo Coffee Machine My Favourite Kitchen Appliance!

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Sue Wynne By Sue Wynne on
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The Senseo Coffee Machine

The Senseo coffee machine is made by Phillips with an input from the coffee makers, Douwe Egberts. The machine comes in four different finishes - black plastic, white plastic, blue plastic and a brushed anodized aluminium finish. My machine is the black plastic one.

This is a very stylish machine and very sleek; it is 13-14 inches tall, and has a modern arched shape The water reservoir snaps in at the back, fitting in completely with the stylish design. The drip tray on which the cups stand catches any spills, avoiding a mess on the counter. The Senseo coffee maker is very easy to use, you simply fill the 750 ml detachable water tank under the tap ( the tank holds enough water for five cups of coffee) and slot it onto the back of the machine. You use either the one or two pod holder, depending on how many cups you are making and simply add the coffee pod. Next you just close the lid, and press the large central button to start heating the water - while the water is heating - around 30 seconds - the light flashes and then you simply hit the one or two cup button and the dark creamy coffee is dispensed. No mess, no coffee grounds everywhere and no jug of coffee sitting stewing - just a delicious cup of coffeeThe machine makes sure that the water is always the correct temperature and that it filters quickly and evenly through the pods guaranteeing a perfect cup of fresh coffee in one minute or less.

When the water is heated the coffee comes down a chute with two holes - the holes are close enough together that you can direct them both into one cup, but far enough apart that you can put a separate cup under each hole. So you use one bag and one cup, or two bags and two cups - it can be difficult to find the correct size of cup so that two fit comfortably on the tray.

When it comes to looking after the machine it is very low maintenance, the only parts of the machine that needs cleaning are the coffee pod holder, the drip tray and cover. All parts of the machine are dish washer safe. The rest of the machine simply needs wiping over from time to time with a damp cloth.

Naturally the taste of the coffee is the most important, and I jus adore this creamy black coffee!Philolips with the Senseo machine joined forces with Douwe Egberts, so your coffee pods come filled with Douwe Egberts coffee. The use of the pods The takes any guesswork out of how much coffee to use, there is the perfect amount in each pod. These pods come in several different blends including dark roast, medium roast, decaffeinated, Sumatra blend, Kenya blend, Brazil blend these are all single pods or classic and dark roast mug or two cup pods and also a cappuccino - which include pods and sachets

The aroma of the coffee pods is an intense coffee smell that whets your appetite for the drink itself, and that drink is creamy, smooth and well balanced. I drink my coffee black but it is equally good with a splash of milk, I am sure were you to try this coffee you would be as hooked as I am on it!