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Sensodyne Multi Action

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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What Makes This Product Different Compared To Other Toothpastes?

The first thing different about it is how it foams up in my mouth while brushing. This really helps to clean my whole mouth easier and with less effort than non-foaming toothpaste. I can really feel how clean my mouth is after brushing with it. I use this to brush my teeth during the day because how clean it makes my teeth feel. Its just not my mouth after brushing with this product that feels better but I feel better as a whole. I feel rejuvinated I can move forward better and do what I want to get done during the day. The toothpaste penetrates hard to reach areas.

Do I Have Any Complaints About the Product?

If so it would be the price but I bought this at CVS so its more when compared to Walmart. Overall I still think it costs a little too much and should be lowered but its still a good quality product despite the price. It should go down over time since its a new product.

Have I Tried Better Toothpaste?

I would say this is clearly the best product for brushing during the day for me because of how clean my teeth feel afterwards. As far as overall teeth health this isn't the best toothpaste I've tried but I want get into that. You can read my other Toothpaste review if you want to know my thoughts on the best toothpaste. Like all other sensodyne toothpastes this helps people with sensitive teeth.

Update On Nov 16, 2009: I got a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled and no other toothpaste seems to work to make the pain go away but Sensodyne Multi Action. Examples of this pain even after brushing with other toothpaste I will still have pain and have to get up from bed and brush the wisdom tooth with Sensodyne Multi Action. After brushing with this toothpaste I can go to sleep without the wisdom tooth hurting. This allows me to wait it out before my next dentist appointment. If you got a wisdom tooth thats hurting try Sensodyne Multi Action. It might help because I know wisdom tooth pain can really hurt. Take care