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Sensodyne Pro Namel Mint Essence

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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When i first started having sensitivity issues with my teeth it was mainly caused by soft drinks. The Sensodyne Cooling Gel toothpaste use to take care of this problem but the effect started to not work as well for me over time. It started getting worse as my teeth started to beome sensitve in the front for the first time in my life. This made me feel even worse because I started to have low self esteem as I was worried my front teeth would decay. The simple answer would be to just quit drinking soft drinks but like everything else in life its easier said than done. I just loved sugary drinks too much.

My Search For A Solution I Could Handle:

I decide to try other options to help my teeth feel better any way I could. I went to Walmart to look for anything that could possibly aid in helping my teeth feel better. I saw the new Sensodyne Pronamel that hardens enamel and was made specifly to help those who drink sodas or sugary drinks by protecting against Acid Erosion. I decided to buy it and try it out. Acid Erosion causes Teeth Enamel to become softer for those who didn't know what it means.

First Impression:

What I liked first about the toothpaste is it felt very gentle on my teeth and gums. Sensodyne Pronamel felt like it glided against my teeth while brushing and didn't feel chalky or as dry compared to other toothpastes which was why it felt more gentle overall. The gentle feeling enthused me greatly as I know this could help me prevent blisters on my gums liked I had done in the past.

Overall Conclusion:

After days of brushing every night before sleep I did feel like my teeth felt harder, stronger, and most importantly more healthy. Every day once I get out of bed I always drink sodas with caffeine to wake up instead of coffee because coffee gives me a headache and if it wasn't for this product my teeth would hurt right after I would have drank a soft drink. I just make sure to keep a rountine and brush every night before sleep and as long as I do that the Sensodyne Pronamel does a great job at protecting and keeping my teeth healthy. If I skip a night of brushing thats when my teeth start having sensitivity issues the next day due to mainly sodas although fruit drinks can also be bothersome to me.

Final Thoughts:

I am now a loyal customer to this product and I highly recommend it to those who drink or eat any type of food high in sugar or even coffee drinkers because that also can also cause Acid Erosion. This is the next best thing I know of to protect my teeth besides giving up sodas altogether.