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Sensual Smell

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By ladychai on
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My aunt just arrive from New York to spend the holidays here in Cebu, Philippines. This would mean imported gifts for us. Most of the gifts usually comprises of make ups, bags and of course perfumes. It has been customary I guess.

I was busy scouring Cebu for a white dress for our upcoming Christmas party. Of all colors, if you call white a color, why did my company ever decided on having a white christmas theme. I have never worn a white dress before even when I still had that 36-23-36 body of mine before I conceived my little angel. I have never really been comfortable wearing white except maybe for the "uniform" white shirt that has become a fad during my college years and the inevitable school uniform. If I would wear white, I always made sure that there would be prints on it or pair a plain white upper with a dark lower but white all the way? Yikes...

My feet and my boredom from having to try out clothes after clothes have gotten into me so it was time to go home. When I arrived, my mom was no where in sight, my brother told me she was in my aunt's house. Hmmm... I should follow her, maybe I'll get lucky and get me some presents.

When I arrived, there were only few people hovering over my aunt's luggage. My mom, my two other aunts and my female cousins. It seems that they have their own share of loot already, so much for bags of goodies for me. I wandered my eyes looking for something my aunt will be willing to give, prolly not those bvlgari perfumes, she loves those. I had to ask anyways. "Auntie, do you have some perfumes for me?" She then notioned, "I gave your mom two". My mom showed me the perfumes, there was one I did not recognize the signature but it does smell nice and tangy. Then I saw a white box inside the newly given coach bag, curiousity got into me and hurriedly, I took the white box. GAP it says. My aunt then said, "Try that one, it is good". I definitely will, I recognize the signature and all. "Go on, try it!" she exclaimed.

The smell isn't as offensive as most perfumes my aunts would usually give everytime they arrive from outside Philippines, the smell kind of reminded me of misty meadows and morning dews. The smell is rather refreshing and not that offensive, the first time you try them on. The smell is rather femine.

I like the smell, good for everyday wearing. The perfume comes in this nifty bottle, not too fancy but not too simple either. The character of the perfume fits its smell. The packaging is also nice. Just one thing though, if you plan to keep your smell all day, better bring them with you as the smell does not last very long like the estee lauder my other aunt gave me wherein even if you have already laundry washed and spin dried your clothes two days after, the smell will still cling on the fabric. This one is rather subtle, just fitting a normally plain girl like me.