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Sentrysafe Fire Safe Can Take The Heat

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dsnygrl By dsnygrl on
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Years ago I bought a chest style fire safe to store my important papers in case of an emergency. Over the years as I grew older, had more possessions and children, my number of important papers grew and I was out growing my old fire safe. It was about this time, that I lost the key to the old safe and had to break the lock to get to something that was inside. I knew that since the lock was broken, the level of protection it now offered was minimal so it was time for a new one.

I shopped around to see what was available in stores today and found things had improved in the home safe market since my last purchase and now there were many styles of safes to choose form. I knew from having a chest model before, I wanted something different this time because with the chest model I had to take everything out and sort through a stack of papers when I was looking for something. I really liked the style of the newer safes that hold hanging file folders so I set my search towards these and looked for the ones that had the best features for a price I could afford.

I found the SentrySafe security file at Walmart and liked the $40.00 price tag. It holds standard size hanging file folders and has a rating of 30 minutes or 1550 degrees. The lid and the body of the safe are designed to weld together in the event of a fire to form an airtight seal to protect the contents. In the price range I was looking, 30 minutes/1550 degrees and the welding together in a fire features seem to be the norm. The one thing I wish this safe had that it does not would be the addition of a handle. Given it's weight, if I were home in the event of a fire or other emergency where I had to leave my house quickly, it would be nice to have a handle to grab and go.

Like everyone out there, I hope to never have to but this fire safe to the test. It does give me a piece of mind to know that I do have it and that I have done something to try and protect my important papers in the event of an emergency. Right now it still helps me out keeping all of those papers organized and together so when I do need them for something, they are all safe and in one place