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Sephora Color Diary Great Colors, Little Staying Power

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Jill Viers By Jill Viers on
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Sephora Color Diary

I like makeup, but when it comes to purchasing good quality products, I get overwhelmed. There are so many options. I try to rely on reviews from people who have bought and used products. I go visit the makeup store Sephora's website (www.sephora.com) to read reviews, narrow down my choices, and make selections.

Another issue I have with makeup is how expensive it gets to buy items individually. When possible, I like to buy kits with eye colors, blush, and lip colors all together.

Recently, I decided to purchase a new makeup kit. I went to Sephora's website to look through products and reviews. I read the reviews for many makeup kits, then I considered the costs of each. I decided to buy the Sephora Collection Color Diary because I liked the color combinations and thought the price was more reasonable than some of the other Sephora makeup kits.

At sephora.com, the Color Diary is listed at a value of $155 and costs only $25 plus tax and shipping ($34 total). It comes with five different makeup palettes, each with six shades of eye shadow, one shade of blush, and a lip gloss.

I like all the eye shadow colors other than the two red shades. I love red lips, but the shades look frightening on the eyes. I also like all the blush and lip colors and think there's enough variety to look good with most skin, hair, and eye colors.

One fun element about the Color Diary kit is that each individual kit can be popped out of the larger containing case and put in a small, individual compact to carry in a purse. It's also fun that each of the color palettes has its own unique title.

"Hot Date at Eight" includes the typical smoky eye colors, blacks and greys, along with a pinkish blush and red lip gloss. While the title makes you think of a night out, the colors are not too strong and can be worn during the day.

"Relax and Unplug" includes the simple colors that are great for everyday use, such as shimmery pinks and browns.

"Mediterranean Retreat" reminds me of forest colors, dark and light shades of green and orange. This palette is very rustic looking.

"Day at the Museum" has fun and unexpected colors mixed together. There is an eye shadow in each of the primary colors (blue, yellow, red) along with along with more common shades, such as dark and light brown. The lip gloss in this kit is clear.

"Must Get New Shoes" contains whimsical pinks, purples and a shade of blue. It comes with a lip gloss that looks electric pink, yet isn't obnoxious when you wear it on your lips.

As I mentioned before, I think the colors are great. There are the expected shades along with some unique shades. I also believe the price is good for so many color options. However, the eye shadows crease and wear off within a few hours. After reading others' reviews on Sephora's website, I was convinced that the eye shadows would last longer than they do. I even tried them out with eyelid primer underneath, and the colors still wore off too quickly. The lip and cheek colors seem to have more staying power than the eye colors.

Overall, I will have fun using the Color Design palettes until the colors have worn out, but in the future, I will not purchase the kit again. I think I'll suck it up and spend the money on my favorite cosmetics, Lancome's mascara and eye shadows.