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September Snow The World After Global Warming?

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I've never picked up any book that I didn't like. So I guess I'm pretty good at getting good books. I walked by Borders and saw a table out on the front door with a man sitting by it. Obviously it's a book signing table, and we saw how no one was going to his table so we went to see what he's got. He was really nice and told us alot about the book he just wrote. It's called Steptember Snow and it's a science fiction story decades later after today. With our issues of global warming, it only got worse in this book. The Eleven Year War has ended and people are suffering from sun poisoning. People are living differently with the governemtn controling everything and even the weather.

The main character is a middle aged ex-writer name Tom who happens to accidentally got caught in the huge rebellion lead by a woman named Steptember. The story only gets interesting and exciting as you read. This is a very well written book which an average reading ability. I enjoyed reading it very much, the author himself has told us that his book has been recommended by several book organizations, and it may be even up for a movie! The book cover, he says, is done by a friend of his who took a picture of the author's hand and did some photoshop. It's a pleasurable read, and it's only about 350 pages so it's not going to take long.

If you're interested in reading one person's perspective on our future and the issues of global warming, this is a great book for you to read! We all haven't really thought of what will really happen to us decades from now. Although it's fiction, it may very well happen someday!