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Serenity Sci Fi Takes Off Where Firefly Left Off

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I fell asleep watching TV on the couch one night and woke up watching half of this movie on cable. I could not pull myself away from it. I was hooked. When I picked up the remote and flipped for info, I discovered, this gem, "Serenity" had no other air times coming up.

I went online and typed in "Serenity". After hitting a few religious webpages, I prayed I would find the movie title and I did.

What a find! Yes, it was on DVD. In fact, it was based on an old FOX, TV show called, "Firefly" that only made it through one season. Then I discovered, that the series was yanked, without giving viewers a chance to find it. Later, I discovered the network had pulled the new show, becaused "brass" did not understand the concept behind "Firefly". A couple of years later, fans of Firefly were threatening mayhem, unless the show's creator, Josh Whedon, made a follow up movie. Thus, "Serenity" was born. Serenity is the name of the space ship.

I really need to stop being so obsessive. Later, I went out and rented the DVD, the only copy they had. It had a quite a few skips in the disc. I finally bought the dang thing online.

I love Serenity. I want to be one of their crew members. How did I never not know about this movie, until now? It's a mix, of the future, also having these wild west towns and villages. It is way to cool.

The writing is very clever, the story is believable and compelling. The special effects are in place; everything works with this gem.

What works the best is the dialogue and chemistry between all the cast. You feel, they really know each other. None of the script is forced. Also, I only recognized two of the actors from small parts in other shows. What a treat!

This is rated PG-13. Yes, my sons watched it with me. They asked me way too many questions, as if I actually knew these people and were a part of their motley crew. So, I told my kids I did have this secret life, aboard the Serenity. They stopped with the questions, until after the movie.

The cast are Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Summer Glau, Ron Glass, Michael Hitchcock, Jewel Staite, Alan Tudyk and a few more.

This is not a comedy, yet there is more than enough dry humor throughout the movie. It is a seriously cleaver, hidden gem. I am afraid to reveal too much about "Serenity".

Do not think, "hardcore, science fiction". It may be classified as sci-fi, but this is a secondary consideration to this DVD.

It's extended, wide screen, a lot of bonus material, in this 2 disc set. I enjoyed finding out the background of this project, and watching extended scenes, then getting to know the cast and crew. It told me so much of why this movie works so well.

I finally received another DVD boxed set of the series, "Serenity" is based on. Now, if I can just find a "Firefly" convention coming to my area soon.