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Serfas Bicycle Pump Best We've Ever Owned

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The Serfas FP 200 SE hand bicycle pump is the best pump we’ve ever had. It will work on both regular and Presto valves without any adapter and you can attain 100 pound of pressure in just seconds without a great deal of effort.

This is a typical bicycle pump in its action, but it is certainly above average in how it works. The size is ordinary, a tube about 2 feet tall with a plunger handle.

There are a number of small features that are nice. The undersides of the handles have grooves for easy gripping. The base is wide enough that the pump stands up well on its own and gives you ample space to hold it down with your feet while pumping. It comes with a ball inflation needle, and an adapter that would work with inflatable toys.

The gauge could be easier to read. It has silver print on a red background. It’s not terrible, but it could be better. The hose has a bracket to clip it in place– you loop the hose around a hook near the base and then bring it back to the top and clip it to the side of the tube. This seems to work ok, but it can be easily knocked off. I keep finding the pump with the hose lying across the floor beside it.

One really nice feature is that when you clamp the head on your tire valve, you pull a lever up to hold it in place. When the tire is full you push the lever down. This is the opposite of how a lot of pumps work, and it is really quite easy to release that way.

You don’t need an adapter to use it with regular valves or with Presto (high pressure) valves. That is a great convenience.

The really outstanding feature of this pump is how easily you can fill high-pressure tires. Both of our road bikes need pressures of 90- 100 pounds. With our old pump this used to be good exercise, but was now becoming a challenge to get above 80 pounds. (Funny how we get older!) With this pump we can easily reach 100 pounds with hardly any effort.

At $40, this is a great pump.