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Service Review Gamefly Game Rentals

Reviewing: Gamefly Inc. 2 Games Out At A Time Rental Service  |  Rating:
By poedgamer on
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This isn't a normal video game review, so it's not going to be in the same style I usually review in. For anyone who doesn't know, Gamefly is the Netflix of online game renting. It works just like Netflix. You pick several games from their catalog, put them into your Queue, and they ship them to you one, two, or three at a time, depending on the plan you have chosen. I've been with Gamefly for two years, and I can't help but say that I'm quite dissappointed. Gamefly has a knack of making you wait incredibly long for shipping times. Before hand, they only had one shipping center (in California), so the wait times were quite lengthy, especially considering I'm all the way across the country. I recently re-applied to Gamefly when I found out they had opened another shipping center in the state next to me. Now, I don't know if it's Gamefly, or the post service, but Gamefly has a knack of taking AGES to get me my games. It's been so ridiculous recently, that I'm considering cancelling my plan.

At it's core, Gamefly is pretty good. They have a wide selection of games, and the site always updates quick. But the shipping times are horrendous. I've also talked to several of my other friends who get Gamefly, and they say that shipping takes long for them too. Gamefly may just be screwing people out of their money, but I don't know.

As for now, I'd stay clear of Gamefly and use one of the more convential game rental service. I recommend Blockbuster's GamePass.