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Seven Seas Vitamin

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My daughter is such a diva when it comes to eating. She makes a lot of fuss and most times, leaves so many on her plate. When asked, she'd say she is full but she barely touched her meals. I am getting so frustrated with that so I am glad that my mom-in-law bought her this vitamin. It is Seven Seas from Merck, Inc. and is available on 100 ml bottle. Dosage for her age is 5 ml once per day and the effect is really remarkable. No, she has not become pudgy or fat but her eating habits improved. She regained her appetite and is now eating more than usual. I noticed too that she tends to be sleepy in the afternoon which for me is good so she could rest rather than sit in front of the pc and tinker away when other kids her age are sleeping or taking a nap in the afternoon.

Seven Seas is a Vitamin B-Complex supplement. It has Thiamine and Riboflavin. It contains the combination of the most important factors of Vitamin B-Complex.