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Sevendust Alpha Asylum; 2007

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By gitfiddleplayer on
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I want to give Sevendust accolades, but I long for the sound they first launched a decade ago. Back then it was fierce and you would crank it because it was fresh and repeated listens became addictive. Ten years later the fierceness is still evident but this release, at least for me, lacks the passion behind the angst.

I don't know if it's because of the line-up changes, or the new record label or if its even that. The CD cover captures what might have happened a few years ago but the mystery of the album's guts should be inside. With such pretentious artwork on the cover the backing is still here but it's expected.

The guitar is brutal and the drums double time to create the classic sound that Sevendust still uses to knock holes in the earth. Lajon's vocals expand a little more than I remember, they are italicizing towards a more melodic tone but still keep with the growl that we all remember. Four of the five band mates list God first in the thank you section of the liner notes. After reading their metal poems you can get a better understanding of their plights in life.

I listened to this disc a few times and certain parts emerged better than others and I hope that Sevendust can re-group and bring the original sound back.