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Seventeen Rocks

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This has been my favorite magazine since I was 15. When I would collect free issues from the Hickory County Library.

I mostly read this magazine because I am in love with shallow fashion magazines. You can chill out, looking at "fashion stories" for a few minutes. Most of the time, you realize you wouldn't be caught dead walking down the street in these ensembles, but, every once in a while, you find something you completely fall in love with. And this triggers my mall addiction.

How would I survive without their quizzes? How would I know the obvious (bad guy, bad friend, bad attitude, etc.) without it written out in black & white so I can accept my issues and work on them?

I also love their true life stories, except for maybe the psychotic shiver-inducing ones about people who go nuts and kill their community. I like my sleep. I really do. And these are no help. But I enjoy the ones that bring attention to issues that I had no idea they were that serious and really get you to think about praying and finding some way to help. I love the ones about girls who have gone through the stuff I have gone through or worse. It causes you not to feel quite so alone or eccentric.

I love it when this magazine has celebrities I have some respect for, who are good people. Or people who just tend to rock, like Kesha and Pink.

I love to read the stories they print from their annual literature contest. I only wish people who wrote stories I could understand and relate to would win more. You can write a masterpiece that is fluidly written and sounds like poetry and yet be empty with no real life to it. Once you realize what you are reading, you can't believe it. Why can't people just wrote "I walked to the grocery store with my deranged siblings" without trying to make it into a piece of art? I always used to want to join this contest, but I know they would not let me through. But I still enjoy this. It's good to get a laugh.

And, last but definitely not least, my favorite section in the entire magazine. (Sigh.) The embarrassing moments. They make me realize I am not the only stupid person on this planet and they lighten up the dreariest, most boring days. I am glad they put them in the back of every issue. They save the very best for last.