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Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, 3) By Richelle Mead

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This book is the third book in the wonderful series, Vampire Academy by the awesome writer, Richelle Mead. It continues after Frostbite with Rose in Lissa's mind while she is "with" Christian. (Shudder) It continues with the dhamphir guardians getting their charges to guard for their senior "exams." Rose is not worried because she knows she's getting Lissa, but gets a huge surprise. While guarding her charge, she continually sees Mason, who tries to tell her something. Rose finds out that there is going to be trial for Victor and begs Dimitri to go which leads to a trip to the Royal Court. Lissa gets confronted by a group of Moroi who want her to join a cult, when she declines, they get revenge. Rose goes crazy on them, which somehow leads to something we have awaited. Then Mason tells Rose the Strigoi are coming. There is a fight where Rose teams up with Christian. After the fight, some Moroi are kidnapped and the dhamphirs are determined to get them back. When Mason tells Rose where they are it leads to a battle that everyone attends, but one doesn't come out…

This book is one of my bibles and is definitely my favorite in the series so far. Blood Promise came out earlier this year. It wasn't as full of Rose/Dimitri action as I would have liked. Maybe I will review that next! I think this book and series drew me in because sneaking around is so sexy. Forbidden love seems to grab me by the hair and pull. This series and its author hold a special place in my heart. Go out and pick this up, you wouldn't want me to send my Strigoi henchmen after you!