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Shadow Of The Colossus

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By shawn on
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Imagine battling a giant monster with a mythical sword, a bow and your trusty steed. Sounds pretty familiar, no? Now imagine you AND your horse only being about as big as a toe on that monster. That is essentially what you will encounter in Shadow of the Colossus sixteen times. Some of the monsters will be smaller, but much more ferocious. The game is eerie and calming since you’ll be thrust into a beautiful world where nothing exists except nature. There isn’t another person to be spoken to throughout almost the entirety of the adventure.

As you’ll quickly notice, the massive encounters with the Colossi are not based on raw power, but skill. Each boss battle is more of a puzzle than an actual fight and you’ll have to figure out patterns and techniques in order to take them down quickly. Once you figure these out the game goes by rather quickly, but there is a harder difficulty in which you’ll have to do much more to take them all down.

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the few original games to come along in the past decade and belongs in any collection.