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Shadow Over Kiriath By Karen Hancock

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The amazing story of Abramm Kalladorne keeps unfolding in this third installment of my favorite Christian fantasy series. In the first two books Abramm has been through betrayal, slavery, survival as a gladiator in a faraway foreign land, war, return home, political intrigues, civil war with his own brother, and a brutal attack by a supernatural monster. You'd think he has had enough; but, no. Abramm's trials are far from over. Book 3 finds him still not fully recovered six months after the monster attack. Abramm, now king of Kiriath, realizes that the damage done by the monster to his left arm might be permanent. In addition to his personal struggles, he has enemies inside and outside his country. His brother Gillard still plots to overthrow the king, and the powerful kingdom of Esurh can attack his country at any moment. Amidst all this, Abramm is facing the necessity of an arrange marriage with Princess Briellen, so he fights his growing feelings for Lady Madeline, Briellen's sister.

This book (and the whole series) shatters the idea of fantasy being a genre for children, akin to fairy tales. There is a torture scene, not graphic but hard to handle, that I still need to come to terms with. I wish it wasn't there, although I realize martyrdom does take place in real life (I wish it didn't). This is mature, serious prose for mature and serious audience.