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Shampoo? Sham Certainly, Poo Definately! (Tesco)

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I made a very bad "Impulse buy" one day, and am still regretting it. The object in question was shampoo. When it comes to buying shampoo, I have a very simple brief, salk into the shop, grab a cheap bottle, pay, and go home. The trouble with the system, was that I picked up a cheap shampoo all right, very cheap, but the product is rubbish.

I mentioned the price, what I did not tell you was that the price of just 29 Pence, was for a One Litre bottle! In my opinion the shampoo is just not worth it. The colour is acceptable, but it goes downhill from here. There is a sort of "Off smell" to this stuff, I can't quite put my finger on it, but I have never come across this odour before, I would say it is Chemical based, certainly not a natural smell.

The shampoo is thick and gloopy, making me think that it is concentrated, I was wrong. You need quite a lot to make it lather, and can never get away with just one application. It rinses away fairly easily, but I would not like to have traces of this left in my hair.

The container is a one Litre plastic bottle, and the top opens easily. The contents pours out okay, if you give the bottle a squeeze. The base of the bottle is reasonably wide, so the bottle does not tend to topple over. It is not non slip, but easy to hold.

I must say this product does not actually sting, and I have never had a rash from using it, but perhaps that is because I try to avoid using it. If there is another make in the shower, then the Tesco one gets ignored. I have tried all sorts to use it up, including using it as a shower gel. Actually I would prefer it if it was marketed as a shower gel, because in my humble opinion, it is better suited to this purpose. I am sure I will never use in on my hair again.

Considering that you need a fair amount, the bottle looks like it will last for a long time to come. I have even tried adding this to other shampoos, to eke out the good stuff. I am not convinced the outcome as worth the hassle.

I am afraid this particular product does not, and will never get the "Caretaker seal of approval". Sorry Tesco, you need to keep trying.